In 1993, OMAX Corporation became the first company to make abrasive waterjet machining more precise, affordable, and easy to use. OMAX is proud that the revolutionary work they have done has helped make abrasive waterjet machining one of the most versatile manufacturing technologies today. Now, two decades later, OMAX is the global leader in advanced abrasive waterjet systems and have made it possible for virtually anyone to go as far as creating high-precision complex 3D parts on their machines.The Group is the sole proprietor of leading brands in the metal forming industry – Faccin – Boldrini and Roundo all united by a common feature: tailored and energy-efficient product-service systems that include plate rolling, profile bending, dished head lines and integrated solutions.

Through our advanced vertically-integrated production we are able to serve our clients promptly and uninterruptedly as well as to generate long-term value.



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