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Yaskawa Motoman Robotics

Automated Arc Welding Solutions from Yaskawa Motoman

Yaskawa Motoman is the undisputed global-leader in robotic arc welding!

Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Division is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yaskawa Electric Corporation.  Since 1915, Yaskawa Electric has delivered products to improve global productivity through Automation.

Yaskawa Electric is the global leader in industrial robots, robotic arc welding and motion control.

  • Over 270,000 industrial robots installed worldwide
  • Over 35% market share worldwide in robotic arc welding
  • Design anywhere and build anywhere; common workcell and positioner designs sourced regionally.

Yaskawa Motoman is unique as the robot supplier that also integrates systems. Yaskawa Motoman can help global companies extend their manufacturing operations by supporting common manufacturing platforms between continents and providing global service coverage between regions.

Arc welding is the core of our company. Over the years we have developed more application-specific robots than any other company. Our welding process knowledge and path control has led the industry for the last 20 years.

With our comprehensive line of arc welding robots, integrated power sources, torches and peripherals, and our extensive family of fully integrated ArcWorld and FabWorld solutions, we provide reliable, low-risk building block solutions that deliver enhanced quality, productivity and ROI. Yaskawa Motoman’s Automation Group or a Motoman Strategic Partner (MSP) can incorporate turnkey systems to suit production requirements of varied industries.

Welding Basics

Seam finding is critical for a successful automated welding operation. Variation in parts and loosely fixtured parts need to be precisely located to ensure an optimal weld seam. We have several options available for seam finding, including Touch Sense, AccuFast Laser Sensor (non-contact) and laser or gray scale cameras (non-contact).

Seam tracking is necessary when the robot must follow a complex path as it applies the weld. This allows the automated welding system to weld parts faster while maintaining consistent, high-quality welds.

Coordinated Motion and Adaptive Controls

We were the first robot company to develop coordinated motion of multiple robots from one controller. Coordinated motion enables multiple robots to work within the same space without the risk of interference of one robot with the other. With this feature, our robots can manipulate larger parts using two robots. Coordinated motion also extends to external servo axes in our positioners, simplifying complex welding operations. Multiple robot control provides more arc time and reduces integration costs.

We continue to refine our software capabilities around coordinated motion maintaining our #1 position in the industry. Our systems are the easiest to program and deliver the best application flexibility. For example, by combining material handling robots with arc welding robots we can provide “jigless” processing, resulting in more flexibility and reduced tooling costs.

Multiple Robot Control and Coordinated Motion

Complex Part Welding

We understand complex part welding, from exhaust systems and ATV systems to vehicle frames. We employ more welding professionals than any other robot company. We have the expertise to help you navigate a project on the front end through delivery and support your production needs over the years.

Complex Part Welding – Exhaust SystemsComplex Part Welding – Automotive Frames

Heavy Deposition Welding

We offer a vast array of robotic welding solutions for manufacturers of large weldments. Our extensive line of welding robots, robot transporters, part positioners and welding options are well suited for production of mining, rail, agriculture and construction equipment.  We provide customized, low-risk configurations that deliver enhanced quality, productivity and ROI.

Heavy Deposition Welding – Agriculture and Construction Heavy Deposition Welding – Rail and Mining Equipment

Customizations and Modifications

Projects often require modifications to our standard product offering of robots, positioners, platforms and peripherals.  Standard or modified positioners and robots can be combined in customized configurations to reduce costs and lead time. Customizations and modifications may include:

  •  Custom cell (or ArcWorld) layouts
  • Modified or additional positioners in a standard cell (or ArcWorld)
  • Material handling robots combined with welding robots for flexible “jigless” processing
  • Specialized welding equipment and configurations such as Tandem MIG, CMT, TIG or plasma welding
  • Spot welding robots incorporated into standard workcell layouts (SpotWorld)
  • Specialized cutting equipment such as plasma cutters or lasers (PlasmaWorld/LaserWorld)
  • MotoSweep or MotoRail robot transporters added to a workcell

Modified Welding Platforms

Work Holding and Positioners

We offer an extensive line of standard robotic positioners for work holding. Our patented MotoMount system makes installation easier, improves operation, reduces bearing stress and extends the life of the positioner. All of our positioners can be customized to meet the needs of your application.

Robotic Positioners for Welding ApplicationsWork Holding and Positioners

Robot Transporters

We also offer transporters for light and heavy payload robots. MotoSweep is a rotational robotic transporter, and MotoRail is a linear robotic transporter.

Welding Power Sources & Peripherals

We provide high level digital interfaces for the widest range of power source brands including Fronius, Miller, Lincoln Electric and SKS.  With our digital interface, the power source weld parameters can be monitored and adjusted directly from our programming pendant.

Fronius Power SupplyLincoln Power SupplyMiller Power Supply