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Koike Aronson Ransome manufactures a complete line of gear driven positioners which maximize both safety and production.

Our positioners enable better weld seam accessibility creating increased deposition rates.  Even less experiences weld operators can safely manipulate our units while concentrating on welding functions. The boxed section design takes up minimal floor space and allows unrestricted movement throughout the work area. Many safety features have been incorporated into the structural, mechanical and electrical components of these positioners to ensure safe, productive operation. A large selection of optional equipment includes: back-lash control, variable speed tilt, and optional tables.

Bench Positioners/ Special Utility Positioners

Bench Positioners and Special Utility Positioners are used for light weight weldments

B3 Bench / Special Utility Positionerand assemblies or small specialty positioning applications. The B1 (100Lbs.) and B3 (300 Lbs.) tilt / rotate Bench Positioners provide powered rotation and Manual tilt, and are hi-frequency protected for any MIG, TIG or SAW applications.
The L-Torch stand can be used in conjunction with these Bench models, positioning the torch over the work piece holding the torch steady and at the correct welding angle. Manual lift and reach allow the operator to place the torch in the optimal position for any welding process. Adjustable welding torch clamps provide angle adjustment for precise placement for accurate semi-automatic welding.
Special Engineered, Special Utility Positioners can be designed for unique welding application. Engineered solutions for hard to reach or awkward pieces can be designed to meet your specific needs.