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Farm implements include everything from cabs and components on combines to tillage equipment and seeders. They commonly use:

  • Plasma and Oxy-fuel Cutting tables ranging from 5’ to 36’ wide and an infinite length.
  • Water Jet cutting systems with 5’ x 5’ to 13’ x 50’ table sizes and 30 to 50 HP pumps
  • Weld Positioners with capacities to lift and rotate from 100 lbs to over 4 million lbs.
  • Portable Cutting systems for pipe and plate as well as structural steel either straight line or circle cutting and Gas Apparatus including torches and tips, regulators and couplings.
  • Plate rolls available in Single Initial Pinch capacities 10ga to 5/16” thick up to 10’ long, Double Initial Pinch ¼” to 3” x 16’ long, and 4 Roll 10ga to 6” thick x up to 40’ long Translating Geometry machines with capacities from 5/8” to 18” thick and lengths up to 40’ for the heavy wall pressure vessel and wind tower manufacturers.
  • Hydraulic Ironworkers with up to 5 work stations, up to 192 tons punching force
  • Horizontal and Vertical Band saws with capacity up to 60” round
  • CNC or conventional Press Brakes available from 20 to 3300 tons force and 4’ to 60’ lengths
  • Hydraulic Shears from ¼” to 1-1/2” thick cutting capacities up to 20’ length.
  • Fiber and CO2 Laser cutting tables ranging 5’ x 10’ to 10’ x 40’ and 2, 4 and 6 kw resonators..
  • Turret Punch machines available in 20 and 30 metric tons punching force and 39” x 39” up to 60” x 100” blank sizes.
  • Tube Bending machines with or without mandrels, End Finishing and End Forming equipment for various applications.
  • See full list for other machines that are used frequently in this industry