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V808 | Introduction

V808 | Features

4 side cutting and layout marking Movable conveyors
Being able to reach all 4 sides of a profile, without manual intervention, makes the V808M very suitable for layout marking and cutting square tubes. To be able to cut the front, but also the back of a profile, it is possible to create a cutting area on either side of the measuring system, which is situated in the middle. Before a cut has to be made, the roller conveyor moves sideways automatically to create a space where the robot can work without damaging the transport systems.
Roller feed measuring system Automatic robot calibration
The V808 coping system has the fastest measuring system available in the market; the Voortman roller feed measuring system. A driven roll and a pressure roll firmly clamp the profile and a separate measuring disk keeps a track of the profiles position while moving it with high speed. As the profile needs to be clamped only once, waiting time is eliminated. The proprietary VACAM software automatically calibrates the robot. This automatic function eliminates the need of an onsite service technician. The automatic calibration uses the same sensor inside the torch that is used for measuring exact beam dimensions.
High-definition plasma cutting
Being equipped with a high-definition plasma source, makes the V808M up to 10x faster than a regular oxy-fuel cutting machine.
Fume extraction Nested length
To remove the fine dust generated by plasma cutting, which can damage the operators health, the cabin is completely closed and the air is cleaned by a fume extraction unit. It is also possible to create nested lengths (DSTV+). This enables the machine to work onits own for a considerable time, cutting several products from one raw material length without interruption.
Oxy-fuel cutting Higher capacity plasma
Next to plasma it is also possible to change to oxy-fuel cutting to cut very thick material. Switching the plasma torch with an oxy-fuel torch and vice versa can be done in a minimal amount of time. The V808 is standard equipped with a 260A high-definition plasma source. An optional 400A high-definition plasma source is available for even higher cutting speeds and enabling piercing and cutting of thicker material.
Layout marking by plasma Advanced software
Layout marking is possible with the plasma process. The automatic gas console switches automatically over to argon gas for optimum layout marking results. As all Voortman machines the V808M is running with VACAM software which enables the coping system to create the cutting program fully automatic directly from DSTV. No need for manual programming which saves a lot of valuable time. If the operator needs to cut a part of which there is no DSTV, he can program it by using the integrated CAD software and create the program in the push of a button.
Most versatile machine
The V808 is a machine which can do the same operations, depending on requirements, as the following machines:
A beam sawing machine A beam drilling machine A flat and angle punching and shearing machine
A plate cutting and drilling machine A beam marking machine
Next to the following examples, almost any cut can be made, as long as the torch can mechanically reach. This includes a lot of non-structural copes frequently used for instance in oil, gas and energy sectors.
Bolt holes (AISC M2.5 accepted) Slot holes Web cuts, flange cuts & cut outs
Jay Allan Dog bone Rat hole
Square tube cutting Markings Through plate connections
Double mitre cut Weld preparations Beam splitting & castellation
Specifications V808
Operating range mm
500 x 1.250
20 x 49
Positioning weight kg
Positioning speed X m/min
Maximum robot airspeed m/min
Axes 6 + 2 (4 sides)
Plasma up to 400 amp
Oxy-fuel option
Machine weight kg