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For the Trailer and Tank Manufacturing Sector the machinery commonly used would roll Round, Elliptical or Double “D” tanks for the trucking industry trailers. They could also manufacture trailers for hauling grain or livestock and could use:

  • Plasma and Oxy-fuel Cutting tables ranging from 5’ to 36’ wide and an infinite length.
  • Water Jet cutting systems with 5’ x 5’ to 13’ x 50’ table sizes and 30 to 50 HP pumps
  • Weld Manipulators reaching from 5’ x 5’ to over 35’ x 35’. Girth and Vertical Welding equipment for field manufacturing of storage tanks available with single and dual side weld.
  • Turning Rolls for pipe and vessels from 3” diameter pipe to 1200 tons and more.
  • Press Brakes either CNC or Conventional
  • Beam Coping machines 20 x 49” for holes, cut off and bevel for frames
  • Magnetic Base Drills used in frame extensions
  • Hydraulic Ironworkers with up to 5 work stations, up to 192 tons punching force
  • Horizontal and Vertical Band saws with capacity up to 60” round
  • See full list for other machines that are used frequently in this industry