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High Quality Features Assures Safety, Precision and Long Life

Koike Aronson / Ransome Head and Tailstock Positioners can be used for a variety of parts and weldments. Typically a Head & Tailstock Welding Positioner is used for long rectangular shapes that must be supported from both ends. Both fixed height rotation centerline and power elevating models are available for ergonomic placement of the weldment.

Both Screw Jack and Geared Elevation models are available. Optional powered and manual mobile sub bases can be provided on rails for varying part lengths allowing different length weldments to be positioned with one station. With a large rotation speed range all welding processes can be accommodated, such as MIG, TIG, SAW and Laser welding.

A typical configuration consists of a driven Headstock Positioner with an Idler Tailstock. Dual Synchronized Headstocks can be used for exceptionally long parts or parts that have torsion concerns. Robotic versions to manual applications can be accommodated depending on your specific needs.

Machine Features

  • For rotating long weldments
  • Capacities range from 5,000 to 240,000Lb
  • Fixed Base, Adjustable Base or Geared Elevation Models
  • Totally Gear-Safe Design
  • Zero Maintenance Grounding System