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PM Guimadira:
The PM, with a Hexa-C frame (Adira patent) that ensures a perfect guiding on the upper beam even when under stress, can give you an economic, accurate and simple solution for your bend, with a limited budget. Start with a low automation machine and grow at the same time as your business grows by adding retrofitting modular options and accessories!
Available models: PM13530, PM13540, PM16030, PM16040 and PM22040.


PA Hexa C®:
The PA, equipped with Hexa-C frame (Adira patent) that ensures bending accuraccy and with an effectively designed hydraulic circuit (semi-hybrid), PA is an energy saver when compared to other hydraulic synchronized machines. The PA can be the answer for a wide variety of solutions by adding different options and accessories.
Available models: PA13530, PA13540, PA16030, PA16040, PA22030 and PA22040.


PF Fast:
The PF, now also equipped with a Hexa-C frame (Adira patent) that ensures the highest precision on the upper beam guiding and a hybrid circuit with Greendynamics technology, the PF gives you fast, though ecological bends. The PF comes with a vast variety of accessories and options to make it the perfect solution for “That bend”! It’s the perfect solution if you need to do intricate bends.
Available models: PF13530, PF16030, PF16040 and PF22040.


The fully electric Bluebender is able to give you quick bendings and, simultaneously, the simplicity of the service, with savings on your energy bill (fullfills the Directive of EcoDesign). Developed with a Hexa-C structure (Adira patent) assures the precision of the upper beam guiding. Available with various options and accessories, the BB is a turn of the page in your bending solutions! The drive consists of a ball screw, gear unit and servo motor of high performance with overload protection.
Available models: BB2512, BB5020 and BB10030.

Bluebender BB

A H-frame for extra stiffness, a hybrid circuit with Greendynamics system to cut your electricity bills, and a capacity to self-adjust in most of the bending parameters will make the Greenbender the dream solution for your precision bendings. The GB has available a wide variety of options that allow you to achieve a high degree of automation.
Available models: GB13530, GB16030 and GB22040.


PH Heavy Duty:
Oversized Press Brakes
• High tonnage machines.
• Big bending lengths.
• Tandem solutions.
• Fully customizable.
• Sturdiness, Reliability, Safety.
• The ideal choice for heavy duty assignments.


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