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Voortman Steel Group:


– Specially designed for plate drilling and plate cutting.
– Fitted with a drilling unit and an automatic ten tool changer.
– High Definition Plasma Cutting and Oxy/Fuel cutting standard.
– Automatic unloading.
– Fumes and dust generated during the production process are extracted by a fume     extraction unit.
– Positioning of the steel plate is done by two rigid gripper trucks, which are servo driven      and therefore extremely accurate.


– A split drilling and cutting machine designed for high production volumes.
– Consists of a separate drilling and cutting table, each provided with its own independent     moving gantry.
– Both gantries are equipped with electromagnets, to transport the plate from the drilling       table to the cutting table after the drilling process is completed.
– The independently moving gantries allow the cutting unit to work on the drilled     plate, while in the meantime a new plate is drilled on the drilling table.
– 80% higher production capacity compared to combined systems with greater efficiency.

V200 Plate Drilling:

– Specially designed for drilling, thread tapping, counter sinking and center point marking of pre-cut plates.
– Consists of a rigid heavy steel C-frame, which ensures perfect stability during the drilling process.
– Servo driven drilling unit with automatic 8 tool changer.
– Two adjustable hydraulic clamps, which move along double linear guides, are installed for plate positioning.
– A hydraulic clamp is used to keep the plate in place during the drilling process.