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V200 | Introduction

V200 | Features

Deburring unit
After drilling a hole, it can be deburred automatically, so there is no need for manual deburring afterwards.
Numbering unit
The numbering unit can be used to mark a product with a part number, so that it can be recognized in further production steps. The disc holds 16 characters, which are selected automatically.
Tool changer
An automatic tool changer with 8 tools is included with the machine. The tool changer ensures higher production as the machine does not have to wait for the operator to change the tool.
Repositioning Heavy C-frame
In automatic mode, the V200 is able to drill plates up to a length of 2,4 m. After reaching the 1,4 m table limit, the product will be automatically repositioned so the last part can also be drilled. The weight of our newly designed C-frame is almost 6.000 kg. This ensures the stability which is necessary for high speed drilling.
Double adjustable clamps Tool length measuring by laser
To assure a good grip, the machine has 2 hydraulic clamps which can be adjusted sideways to have even better grip on larger plates. When the datum line is removed, the automatic repositioning mode can be used to drill longer material. To be able to move the drilling unit to the material in full speed, the length of every new tool is measured by laser when a new tool is placed into the tool changer. This eliminates touch sensing.
Carbide drilling
Using synchronized servo drives with ball screws for each movement as well as a large 30 kW servo drive for the drilling spindle results in extreme acceleration. Maximum speed is reached in just a fraction of time, and maximum torque in the full range from 1 to 2.500 rpm is perfect for carbide drilling.
Specifications V200
Operating range mm
1.400* x 1.000 x 60
55 x 40 x 2-3/8
Positioning weight kg
Drilling and positioning Servo motors
Drilling units 1 vertical
Nominal power kW
Speed rpm 0 – 2.500 stepless
Tool changer 1 x 8
Drill holder SK40
Drill diameter mm
5 – 40
13/64- 1-9/16
Thread tapping inch M6 – M30
1/4- 1-3/16
Machine weight kg
*Longer lengths possible by automatic repositioning