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Revolutionary ALFRA SP Magnetic Base Drills

NO MORE ELECTRO MAGNETS OR FALLING DRILLS! Contact us now for special pricing and to receive a FREE 3 piece Annular Cutter Kit ($150 value) with the purchase of any ALFRA SP Series Drill, while quantities last! The P drill is a new concept in magnetic drilling that incorporates new, patented technologies in a permanent […]

ALFRA Magnetic Systems

LIFTING-MOVING-POSITIONING-ALIGNING-MOLDING-FABRICATING INTRODUCING ALFRA PERMANENT LIFTING MAGNETS FOR THIN AND THICK MATERIALS! One magnet lifts materials as thin as 20 ga or as thick as 2”. Small, light weight, non-electric, lever actuated. Highest “shear lift” capacity in the industry. Capable of lifting heavy materials into a vertical position. Ideal for steel service centers removing sheet steel […]